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Retreat with Bharat Thakur

“How can one become a healer, when He heals us every second of our lives. There is only one healer for oneself. That’s you and only you.”

Himalayan Master Bharat Thakur takes you on the journey of a lifetime. A journey in which you are the traveler, you are the path and you are the goal. Whatever your life situation might be, this retreat promises to transform you and reveal the next stage of your life. Using powerful yoga techniques learnt under his master Sukhdev Brahmachari, Bharat Thakur’s direct and uncompromising approach strips away the layers of the confused mind and releases negative emotions that have accumulated for years within your system.

The result is clarity, harmony and a sense of well-being that will reflect in your body, mind and soul. It is said that a master’s presence is enough to bring about a transformation in the student. But if you are truly ready and receptive, something even greater is possible.

For more information, contact:
Dubai: +97 150 129 6153
India : +91 989 200 3694

Program 1
Resolve your life ~

Do you suffer from constant depression or low energy? Is there a lack of drive and motivation in your life? Or are you just seeking something more from life than what is visible? If yes, then this unique program will reveal your spiritual journey on this earth, so that life is harmonious, joyful and meaningful in a deep and profound way. It’s not simply about motivating you or energizing you, but about revealing the mysteries of life so that your perspective is entirely different. Bharat Thakur uses a powerful combination of Sufi, Tantra and Yogic techniques that work on a cellular level to alter the subtle and invisible energy circuits present in your body. 

This program represents the heart and soul of Bharat Thakur’s ‘teachings’. It’s a 180-degree shift in perception that requires a fundamental change in the spiritual aspect of your being. It’s nothing short of a miracle, but it requires an inner revolution that only the most powerful of masters can initiate. Be open, be prepared, but most importantly, be grateful for this rare opportunity.

Program 2
Heal your body ~

As the founder of Artistic YogaTM , Bharat Thakur draws from the ancient knowledge of Yoga as taught to him by his master, and also from his extensive scientific background (He has a PhD in Biomechanics and Sports Medicine). The focus of this program is to remove all blockages present in the body and completely rejuvenate the physical, mental and emotional bodies without which optimum health and well-being is not possible. Issues ranging from back pain to asthma to high stress levels to diabetes can be fixed.

Depending on the duration of the program, a specific module will be created in order to address the issues that the participant wants to address. While the focus here is the healing of the body, simple and powerful meditation techniques will also be taught as the mind and body must function in harmony for good health. The program aims to fix your body with a powerful combination of techniques that may reveal much more than you expect to see. After all, Yoga is a mystical science that allowed the ancient yogis to remain young and control several involuntary bodily functions like body temperature, heart rate and breathing. This unique program is also a great way to initiate a lifestyle that promotes weight loss, body toning, optimum cardiovascular health and heightened energy levels.

Duration ~

5, 7, 10, 15 Days and 1 Month Programs Available

Daily schedule ~

6-8 AM: Yoga, Cleansing Kriyas and Tea
8.30 - 9 AM: Breathing
9-10 AM: Breakfast
10-11 AM: Talk on Patanjali’s Yogasutras
11-1 PM: Trekking in the mountains
1-2 PM: Lunch
2-4 PM: Rest
4-5 PM: Chanting
5-7 PM: Yoga and Partner Stretching
7-8 PM: Talk on Spirituality
8.30 PM: Dinner and Sleep

Note :

The 5-7 day format includes visits to Pashupatinath Temple, Buddha Neelkantha, and Monkey Temple.

The 10 and 15-day format, includes a 2-day trip to Pokhra.

Also included in the daily schedule is a 8.30 to 9.30 Tantra Hawan which is optional.